06 Righteous Know Why

B-U Entertainment, LLC (BUE) is an urban gospel entertainment company with two subsidiaries; B-U MUSIC, Inc. and Christian record label and B-U Promotions, Inc. an management and promotions company. BUE supplies positive Christian audio and visual entertainment to a diverse, worldwide consumer group. BUE is committed to wholesome entertainment across the board and firmly believes that quality palatable Christian entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.

The founders of this North Carolina based company, S. Bernard Mitchell & Ursela Mitchell, have combined over 30 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. From September 2011 – November 2011, B-U Entertainment sent their primary award-winning recording artists, B-U on the company’s first artist European music tour which included countries, France, Italy & Germany. The tour was a major milestone which resulted in opening BUE to international markets.

B-U MUSIC, Inc. artists roster: RBP, Ursela Camille, B-U, Ms Moore