Jacob On The Road
In God's Time
Investigating The Historical Jesus
In His Steps
Joseph And His Brethren
If Not For His Grace
I Before Thee
I Am Potential
Hell and Mr. Fudge
A Heart That Forgives
Healed By Grace 2
Healed by Grace
Guided By The Word
The Good Book
Golden Mind
The God Question
Forty Nights
For Such A Time
The Fix It Boys
Fenced Off
Fat Chance
Faith's Song
End Of The Trail
Encounter With The Messiah
Elizabeth's Gift
Dying to Be Heard
Dreams and Memories of Where the Red Fern Grows
Down By The River
Doggy Daycare
Different Drummers
Desires of the Heart
Daniel's Lot
The Current
Crimes And Mister Meanors
Coming Home