Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

When Jesus changes your life and forgives your sins, He also gives you a divine purpose. Your healing, hope, and transformation is linked to how God wants to use you in other people's lives. Throu...

Christ in Prophecy - Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan celebrates the life and ministry of a homeless drunk turned evangelist, Jack Hollingsworth, on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Time of Grace Ministry

Pastor Jon shares how we all feel along and how change is possible through the Holy Spirit.

Worry and anxiety exists in our lives because we allow these harmful emotions. Become free from the bondage. Learn how you can change your mind by replacing anxiety with peace.

Our attitude determines the level of happiness and success we experience in every area of life. Regardless of pain or tragedy, you can overcome. Ultimately happiness is a choice.

Everyone is insecure about something and everyone deals with their insecurities in either a positive or negative way. Learn the practical steps to how you can overcome insecurity in your life.

The world’s definition of success and God’s definition of success are completely different. Discover the essential standards to living a successful life full of freedom and fulfillment.

Everyone has fear. Ultimately fear is expecting something to go wrong while faith believes anything is possible. We choose our perspective and that either allows or disallows fear.

Betty Swann - Wisdom in the Night

Ep 15: Wisdom in the Night Episode 15 with Zaquane Cooper - Teacher, Editor & Cinematographer. Zaquane tells his journey growing up in the streets of Brooklyn NY, to how he was arrested and sent t...