The World Is Yours

Our journey begins in Southeast Asia, immersing us in many cultures as we find spirituality in a rock temple in Sri Lanka. We will sail through the Indian Ocean towards Sumatra in Indonesia, there we...

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

Do you feel exhausted by the pace of life? Do you take time to stop, think, and pray? When was the last time you had a spiritually refreshing experience with God?

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

Walk in wisdom as you rest in God's promises, resist the devil and remove unnecessary contact.  

A Plus

California becomes the first state to mandate later start times for most public middle and high schools in an effort to boost the health and performance of teenagers.


Author and counselor Julie Sparkman shares about "Unhitching From the Crazy Train: Finding Rest in a World You Can't Control", a book that explores Jesus' gentle yet costly invitatio...