Fraternite Notre Dame TV

From Notre Dame Monastery, close to Our Lady of Liesse, His Excellency Bishop Jean Marie, snd tells you about the Sign of the Cross. Want to learn more? Connect to God bless...

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

Jesus’ persistent love goes beyond feelings, temptations, and preferences. It is an unselfish investment and leads to redemption. You can have an abundant life because Jesus was completely faith...

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Will Graham goes behind the scenes of the film “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” as he portrays his grandfather Billy Graham.  He also investigates Billy Graham’s crisis of faith j...

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

Redemption has a price. Are you willing to sacrifice, look beyond yourself, and surrender to Jesus? He is your example, leader, and He empowers you.

Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Steven Kristopher is a Christian Music Artist that writes music that glorifies God. His new album, With Abandon is a collection of songs that bring to light the truth of who God is and the hope of wha...

Isik Abla Ministries

A former abused Muslim shares how she became set free from a shame-filled life through the power of Jesus Christ.

Campus Crusade

Man takes the rap for his friends only to be left wondering who will take the rap for him.