Christ in Prophecy - Dr. David Reagan

Is America still systemically racist? Find out with guest Dennis Pollock on television's "Christ in Prophecy."

Total Faith Network - TV

Frontline Productions in South Africa Analyzes a short video clip of "Mr. Wilson" analogy about Blacks in America.

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

We are seeing so much hatred and bitterness in our world. How should Christians respond? It is not time to be silent or passive.

The Christian View

Season 6, Episode #124 - Conquering Racism. The hosts of The Christian View discuss the current state of racism in our society and ways to conquer it. Like us on Facebook at

Total Faith Network - TV

Cynthia talks about the criminal justice systems and its injustices. A family struggles with false criminal charges against son.

Total Faith Network - TV

Cynthia talks with President of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, Damon K. Jones

Antipas L. Harris

WHAT IS RACISM? AND, WHY IS THIS DISCUSSION IMPORTANT? Scripture basis for discussion: Luke 10… Who is my neighbor? Jesus explains the neighbor as the downtrodden as well as the “other”, irrespecti...