Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

What is undermining or distracting you? What is a healthy limit you can set? What protects love and spreads the gospel?  There are times when boundaries are helpful and necessary. Love with disc...

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

There is a calling on your life from God. This calling has three elements: your personal relationship with God, your character, and your influence. Isaiah was called by God to bring a message to peopl...

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

Why spread the gospel? What is preventing you from reaching more people? What does ipassit mean? Are you giving God full access of your life?

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

God can forgive our worst sins and decisions - come honestly to Him for reconciliation.

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

How bold are you with your faith? Do you seek lost people, build healthy relationships, and lead them to Jesus? What holds you back from being on mission and how will you overcome these obstacles? It...

Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

How do you respond when God is pursuing you? God often gains our attention and alerts our minds before He wins our affection. How is God tenderizing your hearts? His presence never disappoints us.

RM3 Productions

How far will a father go to win his daughter's love? Ronald & Amanda are on the brink of financial disaster when Amanda's father, despite being estranged from her, finds a unique way to re...

RM3 Productions

When the tragedy of an unexpected preborn or newborn death occurs, it is devastating. But she still has a voice. And she has something to say to the parent she never had the chance to know. Cast...

The Christian View

Season 5, Episode #111 - Segment Title: How To Share The Gospel Like us on Facebook at The views expressed on The Christian View are exclusively the opi...

Christ in Prophecy

How can we be certain the Bible is really the Word of God? Find out with Dr. David Reagan and team on the show Christ in Prophecy.


Larnelle Harris continues to share about his life and his music in Part 2 of "Babbie's House." He will be sharing about upcoming projects including his Christmas project titled "All...


Award-winning gospel artist Larnelle Harris shares about his life in his memoir titled "Shaped Notes: How Ordinary People with Extraordinary Gifts Influenced My Life and Career".

Total Faith Network - TV

Talk show host, Dr. Cyndi interviews the CEO of MQM Enterprises, Mr. Murray as he talks about the Gospel Industry and what he is doing to help independent artist.

GCN Empower Television

Empowerment Today For The Glory Of God! Empowerment Studies Of God's Word, Anointed Christian Music, Equipping Believers In The 21st Century For God's Kingdom & For His Glory ! (Clic...


Dr. Aimee Clute now celebrates 35 years of full time ministry. She began at a young age and has now acquired 18 gospel recordings; 5 in which are solo projects. Her desire is not only to reach lost so...


Gospel duo Paula and Angie return to Babbie's House to share about their latest project titled Where Do We Go.

GCN Worship Radio

GCN Worship Radio features a mix of the best uplifting praise and worship music.Messages & Music Spirit Filled Message You May Want To Enjoy (Click) GCN Youth Radio Be prepared to be usher...

GCN Youth Radio

Christian Youth Music Online Internet Radio Serving The Christian Community & Ministries In The Cause Of Christ. You May Also Want To Enjoy (Click) GCN Worship Radio GCN Youth Radio is 24...

Time of Grace Ministry

Appreciate the good leaders God has given you. But also aspire to be a leader yourself—to go as far as God has gifted you. 1 Chronicles 12:32

Campus Crusade

After missing the last shot of the game, 2 friends talk about how to make the ultimate outside shot. Subtitles available in Amharic, Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Glenda Garcia

© 2014 Glenda Garcia del EP Mi Diario Vivir "Eres Tu" Video Oficial Nuevo audio disponible: