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How far will a father go to win his daughter's love? Ronald & Amanda are on the brink of financial disaster when Amanda's father, despite being estranged from her, finds a unique way to re...

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Episode 50: The Christian View on “DIVORCE AND THE EVER AFTER THAT FOLLOWS". The hosts of The Christian View discuss the after effects of a bitter divorce! The views expressed on The Christian View ar...

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Marriage can be hard, but with God's help we can be quick to listen and slow to speak so that we can support our partner with the kind of love

Everyone has been hurt and frustrated in relationships. Today you can experience great compassion and hope. It begins by understanding the danger of depending on others to meet your deepest needs.

In a blended family, a natural re-prioritization has to occur. As a single parent, a child is usually the parent’s top priority. But when that spouse re-marries, the new marriage must come first.

Parenting biological children and stepchildren is one of the biggest challenges in a blended family. Jimmy Evans shares how parents can be united and make parenting decisions together.

Jimmy Evans shares why previous relationships can make us fearful and raise expectations. The key to having a successful marriage is learning how to build trust and dream new dreams together.

Ten years after divorce 50% of people still have feelings of love for their ex-spouse. Jimmy Evans discusses how to heal from a previous relationship in order to experience marriage success.

Jimmy Evans shares the secrets to successfully dating and finding a compatible mate. In order to find the right one, you’ve got to become the right one as you prepare for marriage.

Jimmy Evans discusses how to effectively date in preparation for marriage and why sex bonds us on the deepest level. When you learn the real issues that determine compatibility, you’ll lay a foundatio...

Everyone has a deep need for intimacy. Unfortunately in marriage, intimacy isn't automatic. When you learn to disarm the common intimacy inhibitors, you can experience the fulfillment of your dreams.

The deepest part of our being is our heart. Becoming one happens as we find God’s purpose, will and love. Our heart is where God lives and where the essence of our marriage union resides.

When one spouse complains, typically the other becomes defensive. Learning to deal with complaints before they become destructive is critical to the success of every marriage.

Whether you have been married one day or fifty years, anger is inevitable. Even though it's easier said than done, daily disarming anger can become a fulfilling and essential part of your marriage.

In marriage, it’s common for spouses to control or dominate each other. When we understand how dominance destroys intimacy, we can recapture the happiness and joy we experienced at the beginning.

When people marry they bring fears into the relationship. Fear causes us to hurt and react to our spouse. Whether it's a fear of rejection or failure, fear keeps us from intimacy in marriage.

Discover why sex and spiritual intimacy are directly related. You can achieve a greater level of physical satisfaction when you and your spouse share spiritual closeness.

Intimacy occurs in marriage when we safely share our thoughts and feelings with each other. Whether you lack closeness or if you want to go to the next level, intimacy can return in a matter of days.

Money can be one of the greatest areas of tension in marriage. When we understand each other’s financial perspective, we can manage money together so that it’s a huge blessing to our relationship.

Children are one of the greatest gifts in life, but parenting can be a test on every level. Jimmy and Karen Evans discuss how to raise great children as you build a great marriage.

Becoming soul mates never happens easily. You don’t find your soul mate, you create your soul mate. Becoming one is based on making the right choices, not your emotions or chemistry with each other.

Our differences have the potential to make marriage exciting, fulfilling and especially intimate. You and your spouse don’t have to compete with each other, you can complete each other in your marri...

Jimmy Evans discusses the steps to becoming emotionally healthy. As your personal life improves, the health of your marriage will dramatically increase as well.