Activate with Pastor Jesse Bradley

You will discover God's full design when you embrace these words: The Lord's will be done. Your purpose is saturated with the grace of God and points everyone there.

A Plus

This water and windproof jacket that can be transformed into a sleeping bag is made entirely from upcycled materials and produced by former refugees who are distanced to the labor market.

Marilynn Fairchild’s Art Insight

Continuation of Painting Fruits de Jour. Place and refine subject on canvas and demonstrate the "Color of Mud" Theory!

Marilynn Fairchild’s Art Insight

Art Supplies: Easels, Oil Palette, Paint Box, Etc. Starting an oil painting: Demonstration in oil painting of Primrose Cut Flowers

Marilynn Fairchild’s Art Insight

Introduction: Meet the artist! Very first show, Who am I, What this show is about and how I teach art.