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How far will a father go to win his daughter's love? Ronald & Amanda are on the brink of financial disaster when Amanda's father, despite being estranged from her, finds a unique way to re...

Money can be one of the greatest areas of tension in marriage. When we understand each other’s financial perspective, we can manage money together so that it’s a huge blessing to our relationship.

Money can be a basis of intimacy in marriage. “The Money Couple”, Scott and Bethany Palmer discuss how a couple can make better financial decisions and achieve a higher level of partnership.

Managing money can be one of the most divisive issues in a marriage. Jimmy and Karen discuss how to gain a mutual understanding of how to relate to money as a couple.

Being in a financial crunch is one of the greatest sources of stress in life. Jimmy Evans shares practical wisdom for overcoming any financial difficulty.

One of the biggest deceptions is the belief that we will do better with more. God desires to bless everyone, but it only happens when we properly manage what He has given to each of us.