Katie Souza’s Healing Your Soul

So many of our problems and issues can be directly connected to the condition of our souls--from family and relationship troubles to all kinds of physical ailments and diseases. Watch as Katie Souza...

Everyone has a deep need for intimacy. Unfortunately in marriage, intimacy isn't automatic. When you learn to disarm the common intimacy inhibitors, you can experience the fulfillment of your dreams.

When one spouse complains, typically the other becomes defensive. Learning to deal with complaints before they become destructive is critical to the success of every marriage.

Whether you have been married one day or fifty years, anger is inevitable. Even though it's easier said than done, daily disarming anger can become a fulfilling and essential part of your marriage.

Jimmy Evans discusses the steps to becoming emotionally healthy. As your personal life improves, the health of your marriage will dramatically increase as well.

Your well-being directly affects the relationships in your life, especially your marriage. Discover the standards to test your level of emotional health and how you can begin the path to healing.