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ASA Recovery Changes Name to Truli Media Group, Inc.
Truli Media Group, Inc. continues to gain support from critics and colleagues in the faith and family arena, having recently secured partnership deals with Movie To Movement (, The Gold Label (, Christian Television Network (, Southern Baptist Conference's International Mission Board (, Marriage Today (, Oral Roberts University (, Thomas Road Baptist Church ( and Fellowship Church of Chicago (, among others.   Additionally, SA Recovery, Inc., (OTCBB: SARY) changed to (OTCBB: TRLI), today announced it has received FINRA's approval to implement a name change to Truli Media Group, Inc., which operates the world's only dynamic Christian social community and media content hub known as The name change is a result of the Company's merger with Truli Media Group, Inc. executed on June 13, 2012 and effective on August 14, 2012. was founded by seasoned entertainment industry veteran Michael Jay Solomon. With a solid and notable track record in starting and growing leading television production and worldwide distribution companies, Solomon is the former co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Telepictures Corp, President of Lorimar-Telepictures Corp and former President of Warner Bros. International. Under Solomon's leadership, continues to garner success within the growing faith and family based community. 
Various high profile organizations, ministries and media have already recognized as a leading content distribution provider. With support from a number of high-profile outlets such as Variety,,,, HollywoodJesus, USA Radio Network, The Christian Post and ASSIST News, is receiving top honors across the board.

"Our business model is to provide a free online platform which directly connects individuals to a community of Christian and family content, and social networks which is reflected by our new name and ticker symbol -- TRLI," says Solomon. "We are pleased to announce these milestones as we continue to make progress in positioning the company for growth as the leading online destination for Christian and family based content and social networking." offers a unique distribution platform focused on Christian and family-friendly content that is free for users to view, interact and engage with on any mobile apparatus' such as tablets, phones, smart TV, etc. is for ministries as thousands of sermons are delivered weekly, individuals, music artists, authors, film/television producers and educators seeking to gain visibility and provide their content in a targeted and relevant community linked by a shared belief. offers in a single platform that is easy to use and flexible to connect users and content that allows the delivery of relevant content to the Evangelical community market of 100 million+ people in the US (and 600+ million outside the US) representing $4.3 billion of annual gross industry sales.
"The vision of is to deliver relevant content offered from many perspectives, so that no matter where you're coming from or where you'd like to go, you can easily interact with the content that you want, when you want it, and on the device of your choice," says Solomon. "We are excited to create a place where anyone can access a great variety of Christian and family-friendly content, but also interact within a social media community that shares their same belief, have conversations with others and even ask questions directly to ministries."
Recognizing a need for a simple and centralized library of family and faith-based subject matter combined with unifying social interaction, a team of ministry leaders, technicians, artists and business people gathered to meet this need. 
Truli Media Group was established and incorporated in 2011 and now has representatives in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Denver and Atlanta. Truli is led by Michael Jay Solomon and an experienced team of industry and ministry leaders that collectively aggregate family-friendly, faithbased Christian quality content, music, film and manage a platform for collaborative, social networking amongst members of the Christian community worldwide, allowing them to share, communicate and deepen their faith together. 
For more on social media, go to the official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+  sites and join the conversation.
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