Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 08:00

Truli.net Announces New Partnerships and Gains Continued Support from Faith & Family Community 

Truli Media Group, Inc.(OTCBB: TRLI) continues to gain support from critics and colleagues in the faith and family arena, having recently secured partnership deals with Movie To Movement, The Gold Label, Christian Television Network, Southern Baptist Conference's International Mission Board, Marriage Today, Oral Roberts University, Thomas Road Baptist Church and Fellowship Church of Chicago, among others.   Additionally, Truli Media Group, Inc., (OTCBB: TRLI), which owns and operates Christian media content platform and social community hub Truli.net, today announced it has begun trading as a fully SEC reporting public company on the OTCBB with the stock ticker symbol TRLI. 

Its transition to a publicly trading company is the result of the company’s recent merger with S.A. Recovery (OTCBB: SARY), a subsequent name & ticker symbol change -- all of which were completed last month. 

Truli was founded, funded and is led by veteran of worldwide media and content distribution executive Michael Jay Solomon. With over 50 years of experience, Solomon is the former cofounder, Chairman and CEO of Telepictures Corp, later merged into Lorimar-Telepictures, which later merged with Warner Bros. International Television. There Solomon served asPresident, and built the world’s largest television content distributor. 

At Truli, Solomon has built a senior management team of carefully selected, seasoned industry executives. After a year and half of extensive planning, corporate and website development and content aggregation the company launched operations with Truli.net in July. Today, Truli.net is an innovative, robust platform that hosts a vast and fast growing library of on-demand and queried media including sermons, music, books, audio and music videos, concerts, movies, comedy and specialty programming -- all within a trusted social network of shared affinity.

Various high profile organizations, ministries and media have already recognized Truli.net as a leading content distribution provider. With support from a number of high-profile outlets such as Variety, Beliefnet.com, Examiner.com, Suite101.com, HollywoodJesus, USA Radio Network, The Christian Post and ASSIST News, Truli.net is receiving top honors across the board.

"Our business model is simple, conceived for the 21st century using advanced interactive technologies,” explains Mr. Solomon. “We provide a free, robust and highly interactive online distribution platform which directly connects individuals worldwide to a vast community of Christian and family  content and social network hubs.”   Annual sales in the U.S. Christian retail industry are $4.3 billion. International sales are estimated at about $4.5 billion or more.

All of  the globally aggregated content is provided to Truli.net for free and content is monetized through multiple revenue streams including advertising, e-commerce such  as books, music, movies, educational materials and games, sponsorship, pay per view events and more.“All the rest is successful execution, at which I and my team are well experienced and quite capable,” adds Mr. Solomon.

About Truli.net

Recognizing a need for a simple and centralized vast library of family and faith-based subject matter combined with unifying social interaction, a team of ministry leaders, technologists, artists and business people gathered to address this need on behalf of the Evangelical Christian community, estimated at more than 100 million people in the U.S. and over 700 million internationally.


With representatives in Dallas, Miami, Denver and Atlanta, Los Angeles-based Truli Media Group is led by Michael Jay Solomon and an experienced team of industry and ministry leaders. Collectively, they aggregate family friendly, faith-based Christian quality content, music, film and manage a platform for collaborative, social networking amongst members of the Christian community worldwide, allowing them to share, communicate and deepen their faith together. For more Truli.net on social media, go to the official Facebook and Twitter pages and join the conversation.



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