“The potential of Truli with the next generation is limitless. Combining the timeless message of Jesus with the most cutting edge technology will shape how this generation goes to church and interacts with the Christian faith altogether. By aggregating powerful content and life changing messages, the generation of constant access will be able to tailor their faith to their lifestyle. Everyone who works with teenagers and young adults on a daily basis knows that something needs to change. I believe Truli is poised to be a part of the solution.”                                                                       – Jared Herd, Managing Director, Truli Next Generation


One of Truli’s main goals is to reach youth and youth focused ministries. 


Technologically proficient, these early adopters will bring Truli great spiritual energy and innovation, as well as early market conversion. Truli will prominently feature various youth ministries like BigStuf Camps and BeRemedy in its lineup. Additionally, programming with great Christian music content and events will be showcased. These youth ministries are dynamic, focused, and have large platforms. In this space Truli is re-defining the boundaries of what Christian programming can be, and how it can impact people’s lives. Truli is poised to be a new, innovative resource AND an outlet for "next generation" Christians. 

The popularity of young music and media artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, Glee and the synchronous rise of the youth ministry movement suggest that Truli is perfectly positioned to be a great asset to next generation Christians.

“Of particular importance to Truli are children, teens and young adults; so in that spirit Truli will be formatting dedicated channels to provide family friendly, faith based and Christian entertainment, education, spiritual insights and fun specifically tailored for them.”                                                         - Michael Jay Solomon, Founder & CEO, Truli Media Group