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Non-Linear Content

  • Casa de Dios, Pastor Cash Luna
  • North Church, Pastor Laurence Kennedy Ministries
  • The LifeZone Church, Pastor K. Femi Akojenu


Linear Content
TBN programming:

  • Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN): includes Christian, religious, inspirational, public affairs, informational, and faith and family-oriented programming.
  • The Church Channel (TCC): includes Christian, religious, religious services and events, inspirational, informational, and faith and family-oriented programming.
  • TBN Enlace USA (TBNE): includes a Spanish and English language service of Christian, religious, inspirational, public affairs, informational, and faith and family-oriented programming intended for the Hispanic audience.
  • JCTV: includes Christian, religious, informational, inspirational, and faith and family-oriented programming intended for adolescents and young adults between the ages of 13 to 29.
  • Smile of a Child (SMILE): includes Christian, religious, inspirational, educational, informational, instructional, and faith and family-oriented programming intended for children between the ages of 2 to 12.
  • TBN HD: includes high definition Christian, religious, inspirational, public affairs, informational, and faith and family-oriented programming

Olympusat's programming:

  • Inspiration Network (INSP): INSP is a 24 hour-a-day network that targets the millions of Americans who embrace inspirational values
  • Halogen: A lifestyle network, with exclusive programs for the whole family. The channel features programming on marriage and family, finances, and life-enriching programs that positively impact people's lives emotionally and spiritually.
  • 3 ABN: Three Angels Broadcasting Network. The 24/7 Christian network offers recovery programming, drug and alcohol programming, health and wellness programming as well as other lifestyle programming and inspirational programs for children and adults.
  • Golden Eagle Broadcasting: A positive alternative to regular television from the Oral Roberts Ministries. Programming is inspirational as well as featuring programming for children, special events and sporting events.
  • SonLife TV Network: Part of the Jimmy Swaggart Minitries, this network features Christian programming comprised of music, talk shows, live church services, studio programs, youth and child oriented programming.
  • GOD TV: Inspirational programming which speaks directly to the international youth community.
  • FamilyNet: A network dedicated to providing wholesome content for the whole family.
  • World Harvest Television - Christian audiences want a mix of ministry programming and news, a good variety of ministry programs, International News from Israel, information, and Entertainment programs they want. A solid block of entertainment programs are part of WHT. Programs like Lassie, Lone Ranger, Daniel Boone and classic movies.
  • Parables: The first movie network dedicated to faith-based feature length movies and documentaries. Limited commercial interruptions.

TCT Television programming:

  • TCT airs three different channels of commercial-free, inspirational programming designed to appeal to a wide variety of denominational and cultural backgrounds. Programming formats include magazine, talk, interview, variety and music. Viewers enjoy teaching, preaching, evangelism, health and fitness, youth and children’s programs. Some of the nation’s most prominent pastors broadcast their church services on TCT. With programming for all ages, the loyal viewing audience continues to grow spiritually as they receive the encouragement and inspiration they are searching for in a world with little or no hope.
  • For over 34 years TCT has been a ministry-oriented programmer aimed at evangelizing, educating, enhancing and entertaining. TCT is an Emmy© award winner, as well as being named Network of the Year (2 years in a row) by the Christian Country Music Association.
  • TCT provides a lineup of the most popular Christian and Gospel shows, changing the way you see inspirational programming.
  • TCT HD provides the most unique lineup of inspirational programming anywhere, all delivered in high definition.
  • TCT Family provides a daytime lineup of children & youth-friendly programs, with nights dedicated to classic programs the whole family can enjoy.


  • LifeZone TV Programming: LifeZone Television offers 24/7 stream of Christian and inspirational programming that appeal to Christians of various denominations. LifeZone TV has an extensive blend of interdenominational and multi-cultural programming.
  • African Christian TV: Impacting the World with Christian Teachings and Programs by Africans
  • Caribbean Christian TV: Impacting the World with Christian Teachings and Programs by people of Caribbean Descent