Understanding Food by Chef Rich

Food can be our greatest medicine if we understand it. There is so much false and bias information out there no wonder chronic illness runs rapid. We need to be educated on the truth and be empowered to take our health back. Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to be healthy, they want you to be dependent on them and continue paying them. We want you to use your food as your medicine and retake the quality of your life. God never intended us to live beholden to drugs or sickness.

About: 1PL8 Kitchen
Our 30-minute cooking show will use my 5 B’s of healthy eating, as well as our 3 core values to produce at least 4 nutritious meals for under $20. We’ll break down the scary cooking techniques and ingredients to their basics and cook meals that are quick and easy. We will educate and demonstrate how to use herbs, spices, vegetables, grains, protein, and legumes to reap all their nutritional benefits.  The power of food can reverse and prevent chronic illness, so we strive to serve the whole person–Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Our promise is simple to always save you money at the grocery store, save you time in the kitchen and get you healthy.  My 3 core values • Smart shopping so you save money and choose, utilize, portion and properly store healthy foods. • Educational Culinary techniques so you can cook and create healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals that are easy and fast. • Leading the movement of resourcing food as our greatest medicine   I developed my 5B's to streamline and make easy people’s ability to eat and shop healthy removing all the nonsense and lies about food and nutrition. First B is to buy products that are in season. Second B is buying vegetables in a variety of colors. Third B is buying frozen vegetables. Fourth B is buying lean proteins. Fifth B is to buy whole grains.