How do I report a problem?

Please report all problems. At the current time the best way is to send an email to You may also use the forums.

Is Truli free?

Yes! Truli is free to content partners and users. Advertisements on Truli support our efforts so PLEASE support our advertisers. We will also ask that you so sign up for an account at no charge so we can build our user base.

Content Partners

How do I become a content partner on Truli?

If you would like to add your church or ministry's content to Truli, please click the Ministries link in the footer of this site. It will provide you with a form to be completed. We'll call you. There is no "instant certification" with Truli. The process will typically take 24-48 hours. If timing is important, just let us know. If you apply during business hours we can work to get you approved same day.