Ep. 82 - Getting de-Snakified!

Katie Souza: Healing Your Soul – Real Keys to the Miraculous is the weekly Television Broadcast of Katie Souza Ministries. This program teaches cutting-edge revelation on the wounding of souls, and how to apply the blood of Jesus, and Dunamis power that comes from the resurrection, to cause... Read More
Part 4 of 4 Before you can deliver others you have to be delivered yourself. That's what Moses found out after God called him to deliver his people from slavery in Egypt. Katie will be looking at what God showed Moses and what God may be showing you as well. For an in-depth teaching on this subject matter be sure to check out Serpent & The Soul teaching and soaking combination set. https://shop.expectedendministries.com/tv-offers/951-the-serpent-the-soul-combo-pack.html For a free description of this product click the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NfBGPuHEBA&index=10&list=PLmH0GHoQbnqHGzdTbSTeNwj8e6xnEf_0U&t=19s Also check out another Healing Your Soul episode about serpent spirits: Snake Attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXmdsPyuZHg&index=25&list=PLmH0GHoQbnqGVAWUpgQowJqxQ7wrn0iMw&t=3s For more information about Katie Souza Ministries go to www.katiesouza.com