Music and entertainment program depicting widows son and young girl brought back to life in a historical story. Program also shows Pakistani woman telling about her experience with her own son's death and restoration to life.

The new Hope and Healing Channel is designed to give women hope, dignity and a way to restoration. The majority of women in the world live in misogynistic societies where they suffer from oppression daily. Our producer/director has lived and worked among these women for many years and witnessed closeup their despair and devastation. Former President Jimmy Carter said, "The number one human rights abuse is the abuse of women and girls. Slavery and FGM is destroying the lives of many women and girls. In the 18th century there were 12.5 million slaves, now 30 million. Of the 300,000 people sold annually 80% are female."(TedTalk)Our Mission: Coming to you from around the world, personal inspiring true stories of hope and healing to warm hearts and motivate to keep HOPE alive! View interviews, film clips, music videos and much more... We desire to give women hope and healing through our programming which they can view on a mobile phone or in the privacy of a bedroom. Hope and Healing through encountering Jesus as liberator and healer is complete.  Our programs recognize the cultural differences and celebrate the diversity! We produce in ten languages mostly Asian and Middle Eastern. Please partner with us to see this channel grow and reach many women. Your donation whether monthly or one time will go around the globe!