My New Book "Food Is Our Greatest Medicine"

Our 30-minute cooking show will use my 5 B’s of healthy eating, as well as our 3 core values to produce at least 4 nutritious meals for under $20. We’ll break down the scary cooking techniques and ingredients to their basics and cook meals that are quick and easy. We will educate and... Read More
Poor eating habits displayed by parents today become solidified as that child grows up and becomes able to make their own decisions. It’s a vicious cycle that I know, together we can break. In my book I shed light on marketing and advertising nonsense. The book doesn’t promote diets it promotes education into the food you normally eat, into saving you money at the grocery store, and getting you in and out of the kitchen as quick as possible. We breakdown misleading information about food and support it with real peer reviewed studies and research. We also discuss why we do it, the grocery store, attitudes, goal setting, food facts, herbs and spices and so much more. So, whether it’s Type 2 diabetes, Stroke, Heart disease, Obesity or High blood pressure together we can make changes, real changes. We believe empowerment at the individual level is the most inspiring and impactful! Together we can turn our home kitchens into true “preventative care kitchens”.