Stay Alive is a documentary of hope for at-risk populations. The 75-minute video features UCLA psychiatrist Mark Goulston, MD, noted suicide prevention expert; suicide attempt survivor Kevin Hines, "The Man Who Jumped Off the Golden Gate Bridge and Lived"; and musician Rayko, suicide prevention advocate. Stay Alive's two sections – Understanding and Helping -- deliver real-world messages of Education, Compassion, and Caring for individuals who are in deep despair -- along with Guidance for their families and friends who love them. 

Suicide has become an Epidemic (the US suicide rate has jumped some 30% from 2000 to 2016, according to the CDC) with complex causes: family fragmentation, social media overexposure, political polarization, opioids, and other life stressors all play a part. Stay Alive was developed in recognition of the challenges of traditional institutions in addressing all those who could benefit from suicide prevention and care. Stay Alive is recommended first-step viewing for individuals, schools, communities, social services, and churches – anywhere there is a need.