"It's not work life balance, it's your life.  Sylvia shares techniques using meditation and mindfulness to help you reduce stress, and increase your creativity to live your best life ever and to reach your personal and professional goals." 

Combining her expertise as a certified meditation teacher, author, media personality and longtime practitioner of yoga, with her experience as a professor of leadership and management courses, Sylvia brings a holistic approach to help you reach life goals. Whether you are leading a company or managing your family the one thing you always take with you is you. Sylvia shares her experience and tips to help you be your best self, to live your dream and to do your part for a better world. 

Sylvia hosts the podcast This Moment with Sylvia Ewing at yogachicago.com and available on ITunes. Sylvia can be seen on TV around the country as an on-air television host for PBS specials. 

Sylvia’s podcast, writings and lectures provide systematic techniques, common sense advice and a deep background in a variety of meditation styles. Sylvia received her certification as a meditation teacher from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago and has practiced meditation for decades. The Comfort and Joy: Stories of Hope Meditations for Happiness author is also a popular moderator and keynote speaker, reaching thousands of people each year on behalf of various civic and cultural groups and as an on-air talent for public TV fundraisers.