Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group – an online retirement learning environment with over 70,000 global followers.

In 2013 they launched a retirement planning blog which focuses on the issues related to the transition from the workplace to a retirement lifestyle. The topics range from understanding financial and health changes, overcoming boredom, family issues, social interaction, personal development, care-giving, and spiritual nourishment. The Olderhood Vision is to provide accurate, insightful information and advice to the widest audience possible.

Bill and Robin are passionate believers that everyone can have a long and rewarding third phase of life once they leave work. They call this time of life “Olderhood” as it follows childhood, and adulthood.

From the outset is was clear that older people around the world wanted a safe environment in which to contact each other and share information. To meet this need Olderhood established a series of Facebook pages and a Facebook Group called The Olderhood International Club.  Today there are regional sites for the United States, Philippines, India, and Bermuda where both Bill and Robin reside as citizens. 

To keep pace with these rapid increases in viewership, Bill and Robin began to produce and host television shows, videos, and podcasts. They are also beginning to introduce educational content and coaching for a younger audience that is still in the workplace, to provide guidance and advice specifically to assist them in planning a future for themselves and their families as they get older.

“Our followers have taught us that retirement lifestyle issues are universal and that people in all corners of the world have the same concerns as everyone else and they all seek friendship, fellowship, information sharing, and spiritual enlightenment with other people at the same stage of life. Using Olderhood platforms we are building a new life together.” Bill Storie