Learn to paint and/or draw dynamic landscapes, still life images and numerous other creations with acclaimed Public Television artist and host, Marilynn Fairchild. Detailed demonstrations with running commentary are the basis of Marilynn's on-line tutoring videos, for she wholeheartedly believes in sharing her knowledge with her audience. HELPING YOU to enjoy your experience of painting and drawing in any medium is her aim. It is her fundamental intent to provide you with the techniques needed to experiment and develop your own repertoire. 

Artist and Author Marilynn Fairchild has worked with people who paint for pleasure, whether as a pursuit or as professionals, for over forty years.

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Marilynn Fairchild’s Art Insight

Introduction: Meet the artist! Very first show, Who am I, What this show is about and how I teach art.

Marilynn Fairchild’s Art Insight

Art Supplies: Easels, Oil Palette, Paint Box, Etc.

Starting an oil painting: Demonstration in oil painting of Primrose Cut Flowers

Marilynn Fairchild’s Art Insight

Continuation of Painting Fruits de Jour. Place and refine subject on canvas and demonstrate the "Color of Mud" Theory!