Classical Harmony is an exclusive art channel presenting the world’s best collection of fine art accompanied by the masterpieces of classical music. We give an opportunity to visit the most famous museums and enjoy the paintings of world-known artists without leaving your home. Our viewers have access to more than 500 pieces of art featuring different periods and styles. Each episode is dedicated to one or several masterpieces of painting accompanied by carefully chosen musical compositions. 

Watching the Classical Harmony channel creates an atmosphere that immerses viewers into a state of total relaxation, with classical music complementing the process. We communicate with our viewers in the universal language of art and give them an opportunity to enjoy the things that have lived on - and will live on - through the ages. The channel helps to relax and free your mind. The sound and form of the universal beauty is seen harmoniously in the works that the channel presents. To reach total relaxation, we recommend that you switch off all of your devices, sit in a comfortable armchair, relax and enjoy Classical Harmony!