So what do you get when you cross the rigor of TMZ, the refinement of the red carpet runway, the expertise of an entertainment tonight, the depth of a nightline, and a God-given charge to save America's youth and beyond? Well that’s an easy one! You get the birth of BYOBB™ TV of course! What began as a street team in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA with the mission of saving souls through the gospel of Jesus Christ quickly grew into a television ministry with a viewership in over 50 million homes nationally and in 125 countries worldwide! Through BYOBB™, not only were local club hoppers, strippers and souls under Atlanta's bridges aware of the power of god through this ministry, but nations from the Netherlands down to the Caribbean began experiencing it as well! BYOBB™ features the latest Christian artists and performances, and highlights the hottest advocates for Christ in traditional and non–traditional spaces. On the web, on the television or anywhere media, BYOBB™ encourages the church to abandon the four walls and actually live out Jesus' commission for us to GO!!!! Our mission has always been the captivation of the airwaves; taking over the arts & entertainment industry. Nothing has changed, but we have grown. We are a portal for the best in biblical programming, a home where the inventions, businesses, ideas and talents given by God are nurtured and brought into reality. As Christians, God has employed and empowered us to fulfill His business; the reconciliation of man and all things back unto Him. Therefore, we occupy every endeavor of man, in every area of life as a Kingdom charge. He is in love with His creation and wants everyone to receive all the benefits of having Him in their lives. We are those who are willing to go into the streets, under the bridges, and into the million dollar prisons called high rises. We go into the homes of captivated people and set them free with the love and grace of Christ. Come with us! You don't have to leave your Church to be a partner with BYOBB™. Please extend our love to your Church while helping us reach all people on the local streets of your neighborhood or on the global streets of the airwaves through BYOBB™ TV. Whether we are feeding the hungry or clothing the naked with natural food and clothing, or with the spiritual food and clothing of the Word of God, God needs you and we need you.