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Breathtaking Silhouette Dance to a Christian Song on America's Got Talent

After watching this overwhelmingly beautiful silhouette dance performance, you will be moved! Set to a Christian song, Kirk Franklin's Imagine Me, this America's Got Talent performance will make you speechless.
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If this isn't a miracle, then what is? A baby pronounced dead at birth spends 10 hours in the refrigerated morgue before the parents decide to pry open the casket for one last look....only to find out the baby is alive. A must see!

Kylie Bisutti was once a Victoria's Secret model, a career many girls wish they could have! But Kylie saw her work was interfering with her relationship with God and gave up everything just for Him! Her faith and devotion is amazing.

Mike Masse performed Let It be for his 1 year old who was just diagnosed with cancer....on his 1st birthday. He is doing it to raise money to help pay for the treatment.

Tony Drake is a man with autism that was also born blind... but that hasn't stopped him from mastering the guitar! He performs "Unchained Melody" incredibly well; you will LOVE this.

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fischer talk about how they keep God in the center of their lives. She is a famous musician and he is a famous NHL hockey player, but Jesus still plays an important role in their lives every day.

This is one of the most heartbreaking yet inspiring videos we have EVER posted here on GodVine. This girl's motto "Keep Smiling" has so much meaning considering her unfortunate state.

Lizzie Velasquez, the woman a lot of cyber bullies have tagged as 'the world's ugliest woman' actually happen to be a very beautiful, strong woman.

Garvan was born with a rare disease that made him stop growing at age 5. He passed away at age 12, but not before leaving behind a video that will really touch you. He was a warrior for Christ with unshakable faith. This is a must see!

Not expected to live and born 4 months premature, Ezekiel shocked doctors and everyone else who had lost faith that God had a much bigger plan for him. The video shows it all from start to finish - very touching.

Duck Dynasty reality star Willie Robertson and his wife have inspired millions across the world with their outspoken belief in Jesus and leading by such a positive example.