What's New

This page summarizes Truli's product update information since our public launch in July 2012.  Check back often for updates and information on new features and bug fixes.




  • Chat Service - We've integrated with Groundwire's Chat Now service allowing visitors to chat with a minister..  
  • Donations - Improved the Donations module.
  • Video Rentals - Added support for Transactional Video On Demand allowing videos to be rented for a fee.
  • Discovery - We've built a new design for all pages
  • Improved Search
  • Improved Search Results Pages
  • Updated Menus & Categories
  • Added Additional Metadata for all content
  • Updated the Administration Section for content owners
  • Integrated SSL into the site for increased security
  • Improved the uploader, it now supports files up to 10GB in size.





  • Timeline Bookmarking - We're really proud of this one.  We now support bookmarks on the timeline allowing you to mark the important parts.  Simply click on the scrub bar and select Bookmark.  
  • Recommendations - We now offer recommendations in two places.  1) In the player after a video completes, and 2) On the Player page.  
  • Series Support - We now support content groupoing.  You can see other content in a series (if it exists) in the Player page.
  • Improved Content Uploading - We've overhauled the way our content partners submit content.  
  • Social Activity Feeds - Once you log in, you can see what your Facebook friends have commented on.
  • Search Improvements - We've improved our Search Engine to provide more relevant results
  • Donations - Added a Donations link on our Content Partners pages.
  • Live Content - We now support live content..  If you have a live feed you'd like us to include, please let us know. 
  • Search Engine Optimization - We've imroved the way Search Engines see our site.  We should now be included much higher in the results list on Google and other search engines when you search for contet that we have on our site..


  • Fixed RSS Feeds - RSS feeds are now working properly
  • Fixed YouTube Videos  - YouTube videos are now categorizing properly
  • Search Inside - Removed Search Inside bar for videos that are not searchable.


  • Improved Categorization - Due to the overwhelming interest in providing content to Truli, we've changed the way we categorize content..  This was a huge project for us, but the benefits will take a while to percolate up to the end users.  Stay tuned!
  • Better Menus - Due to the change in categorization, we're adding some pull down menus.  Watch for more content and options to be added to them soon!
  • Vimeo - We now support importing of Vime feeds for our content partner.  If needed please contact us.
  • Thumbnails - added additional detail to the thumbnails.  We also added a play button to the popup window.
  • View Alphabetically - Added ability to view content alphabetically
  • Facebook Like - Changed a Facebook button to provide Facebook Like with one click, instead of requiring two clicks.  (Like us on Facebook!)
  • Updated Logo & Slogan - We've modified our logo slightly.  


  • YouTube - We now support importing of YouTube feeds for our content partner.  If needed please contact us.
  • Vimeo - We now support importing of Vime feeds for our content partner.  If needed please contact us.
  • Thumbnails - added additional detail to the thumbnails.  We also added a play button to the popup window.
  • UI/UX Improvements - New background image, bigger buttons, more responsive theme for mobile & tablets.
  • Bug Fixes - Fixed display of saved usrname / password in Chrome.  Several other cosmetic fixes.
  • Newest Partners Listing - This is now automatically generated.


  • Air Date - added a field in the manage media section tor content partners to enter the original air date of their content.  This could be the date a sermon was given, the date a movie was released, or the air date of a television program.  This date will be used to sort content on the "Most Recent" tab.  This field is optional.  If no Air Date is entered, we will sort by Date Added/Uploaded.
  • Pintrest Support - Now users may pin a video to their Pintrest account.
  • What's New - added this document.
  • Search Optimization - Changed some of the weighting on the search engine to improve results.
  • Text Descriptions - Improved text description for attaching bible verses to content.