Introduction is the premier internet destination for inspirational family entertainment featuring a media library with thousands of on-demand videos and streaming content in English and Spanish. With a free subscription, our members have full access to a wide range of family friendly entertainment, inspirational videos, podcasts and the latest blogs covering current events, culture, parenting, entertainment, faith, lifestyle & personal development.'s management team is committed to supporting our Content Partner's as they expand their marketing brand and internet footprint. We do this in part by offering free access to Truli’s state-of-the-art internet distribution platform which is comprised of open source technologies running on a LEMP stack, Akamai CDN, with a Varnish caching front-end, and we also provide full hosting and archiving support and an enterprise reliability of 99.95 up time. Additionally, Truli's technology and marketing team are available to collaborate with our Partners as we promote their content on social media and on Truli's app which is available through iTunes and Google.

Our Vision

From beginning to end, we offer the best online experience for family friendly & inspirational programming. Family entertainment at your fingertips. Watch anywhere. From any device. With peace of mind.


“I am thrilled to be a part of this new venture that is revolutionizing online media for the evangelical Christian world." Phil Cooke PhD, founder of Cooke Pictures, author and speaker

"As a Pastor, I see the importance of reaching those beyond the pews. Truli is uniting the evangelical community all around the world.” Phil Munsey, Senior Pastor of the Life Church, Irvine, California

"We applaud Truli for developing a robust online platform for Christian families throughout the world. This service provides people of faith with the latest faith-based videos for their spiritual enrichment.” Dick Rolfe, co-founder and CEO of The Dove Foundation

Our Management 

Michael Jay Solomon
Founder, Chairman & CEO was founded by seasoned entertainment industry veteran Michael Jay Solomon, who is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Telepictures Corp, President of Lorimar-Telepictures Corp and former President of Warner Bros. International Television. Mr. Solomon is well versed in the worldwide media and content distribution business; with a solid and notable track record in starting and growing leading TV production and worldwide distribution companies.  He is a member of the Board of the Stern School of Business at New York University now for 30 years. He holds an Honorary Doctor of Law degree from Emerson College in Boston.

Board Member 

Marty Pompadur began his career as a practicing attorney, but quickly entered the media industry and went on to become a senior executive with ABC, and President and CEO of several publishing and broadcasting companies with interests in the US, Europe and Russia. Currently, Mr. Pompadur acts as Global Vice Chairman for Media and Entertainment Macquarie Capital, Chairman of Metan Development Group, and board member of Nexstar Broadcasting Group, IMAX Corporation and Truli Media Group.  

Our Advisors

Phil Cooke PhD, founder of Cooke Pictures, author, speaker and producer. 
Dick Rolfe, founder of The Dove Foundation, and guest commentator for Focus on the Family.
Dr. Mark Goulston, Renowned Psychiatrist, #1 New York Times best-selling author and syndicated columnist for Biz Journals and contributor to the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Psychology Today and the Harvard Business Review.


  • is free to our content partners.  It is free to the users, too!
  • You have complete and ultimate control over all of your content on Truli.
  • Truli’s global distribution platform expands your existing internet footprint and our partner’s social media and marketing goals.   
  • Truli will host and archive all of our partner’s content at no charge   
  • Truli will promote your content on our social pages, in special advertising and on our app which will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone Store & Amazon. 
  • Ours is a non-exclusive partnership. Partners can continue to share content anywhere else.

How this Works? 

  • You will receive a "User Name" and a unique "Password" to access and manage your channel.
  • Your channel is customized with your ministry brand, with links to your social pages, website, store, donations, newsletter signup, and other value added options. 
  • On your dashboard you upload, categorize, edit, delete, publish or unpublish your content.
  • Your channel on Truli is your channel. You have total control over all content.


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