grow your ministry


Spread The Gospel to the corners of the Earth. Go global through as we actively reach worldwide. Cast a wider net with a host of new Digital TV and distribution platforms like Google TV, Roku, smart TVs, tablets, game consoles and advanced cable technology. A bigger, broader base of followers also means your message is exposed to greater cultural diversity and community. Embrace the diversity and meet the needs of people never before available to your current ministry. And, of course, a bigger base increases the possibility of donations to your ministry through Truli’s simple and secure donation program.


socialize your ministry

Start conversations about your messages. Spark up Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest exposure for powerful word-of-mouth momentum when Truli users share their experience with your ministry to other people in and outside of

Truli encourages user comments as personal responses to sermons and other content.
As a member ministry you can respond directly to these comments in public or private, paving the way for follow up measures with Truli members whose lives your ministry has impacted.

simplifly your digital ministry

Unlimited storage, management and distribution of all of your media is ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Upload your entire media library to in just a few clicks and prompts. Truli has several intuitive search tools which uses predefined metatags that you assign, helping connect Truli users to your sermons and programs.


Relevance is key and Truli makes it quick and easy to manage your media, sharpen your keywords, and get your message to the people searching for specific issues in Christian faith and life. Online and bubble help are always available to make the process simple even for an office assistant or intern.


The digital World gets more complicated each day. stays on top the newest technology for online, mobile and digital TV distribution. So we'll keep your media as current and effcient as possible. We’ll do all the techie Work in the background for you so you can focus on What’s really important... to teach, preach and inspire!