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Music Worth Saving



A Note From Richard Beattie


When you listen to our new stream you will notice that for the first few days we will presenting a music and news format from our friends in Tampa, Florida and a movement called "Music Worth Saving." You may ask why this fits into a Christian Lifestyle format. The organization behind the music is digitally remastering the very best of Christian Music of the last 25 years. In the coming weeks we will be combing through interviews; and stories about hymns; we will add the Daily Audio Bible with our friend Brian Hardin; and we will be inviting you to start a Mission Cafe at your church and in your town. Please sign up for our mailing list and also the TRX news feed that  we are designing for producers; and also you can get all of the Truli Media Platform feed of publishing; of audio streams and on demand visuals and so much more. Please e-mail me anytime and part of what we are doing is raising funds for ministries; working with sponsors and advertisers and keeping you informed of the tools and resources we all need to communicate Truth in the marketplace. 

All the Best

Richard Beattie
Executive Producer