Real, relevant talk beyond the pew conversations about how to have our BEST Christian relationships with God, self, and others at every stage of a relationship up until death does us part we continue to have healthy grief conversations to continue to thrive on the relationship highway.

About Cortne’ Lee & Fulton Smith:
Cortne’ Lee Smith is a Student of Numbers, Instructor of Law, and a woman that Lives by Love.
Her life journey has combined all three she comes to always provide a formula that will allow you to add and/or multiple to be more to bring out the best in others.  Currently, as a Relationship Coach & Grief Specialists, she is seen as a warrior for widows/widowers standing on the battlefield with those that have lost a spouse. At the Relationship Service Station, whether the encounters are Virtual or Live she is able to help service your relationship to ensure you have your best relationship journey.  Her love magnet drew in Fulton Smith. She married a widower and He married a widow.
Fulton brought his experiences of a 32-year marriage to the station. Plus, he brought his skills as a certified technician for over 30 years + 17 years of over the road hazmat driving. He accommodates his wife to lend voice from the male perspective on his grief journey. Also, stand as a witness that if you choose to find love again you don’t have to live in fear of the unknown.