Over the past twenty-five years, The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School has won 16 Best Film School Program awards in student film festivals; received 407 awards, including at Cannes, Berlin and Venice; and was honored with 183 international festival retrospectives in 55 countries, including in Berlin, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand, Sarajevo, Havana and the New York Museum of Modern Art’s first-ever tribute to a film school.
Student films represent Israel at more than 100 international festivals each year and have won 386 international prizes. It is Israel’s leading film school, with 70% of its graduates finding employment in the growing Israeli Film and Television industry.
Teachers from the school are frequently invited to conduct workshops and present lectures throughout the world. With its excellent, unique program and extracurricular ventures, such as the Jerusalem International Film Lab, and most recently the film tribute and international event “Footsteps in Jerusalem”, the Sam Spiegel Film & TV School has turned Jerusalem into a world class center for film content and production.