Walda Collins is a Health & Wellness Practitioner/Coach and Personal Chef, hence the name “ The Coaching Chef.” When she’s not in the kitchen whipping up something healthy and delicious, you’ll find her educating and training others to live happier healthier lives. 

Walda is a twenty-three year Marine Corps veteran who simply transitioned from ”Guns to Gourmet” utilizing her skills as a leader, teacher and trainer, to guide you to "A Better Life Now" through food and nutrtion. Walda believes in the whole life concept: mind, body and spirit.

Her culinary innovations morphed into multiple methods of identifying and creating a nutritional approach that strategically aligns and reconditions the body from the inside out. 

Walda is an avid runner, which allows her space to find clarity and peace amidst her chaotic schedule. Walda’s passion for ministry is reflected through her women’s ministry, “A Sister’s Prayer” which encourages women to live a faith-filled life through prayer and empowerment.