Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group, an online learning company with nearly 100,000 global followers.

In 2013 they launched a retirement planning blog which focuses on the issues related to the transition from the workplace to a retirement lifestyle. Today Olderhood content is for everyone from Millennials to Baby boomers. Key topics include understanding holistic wellness, life transition strategies, career transition advice, personal development, social interaction, long range financial management, retirement preparation, care-giving, and spiritual nourishment. The Olderhood Vision is to provide accurate, insightful information and advice to the widest audience possible.

Bill and Robin are passionate believers that everyone can have a long and rewarding life by learning to embrace "change" as a normal part of the human experience. 

In addition to the blog Olderhood projects include live presentations, recorded videos and webinars, television, radio content, and two newspaper columns. They also have a thriving social media platform for their global audience.

“Our followers have taught us that lifestyle issues are universal and that people in all corners of the world have the same concerns as everyone else and they all seek friendship, fellowship, information sharing, and spiritual enlightenment with other people at the same stage of life. Using Olderhood platforms we are building a new life together.” Bill Storie