Back in 2005, members of the National Religious Broadcasters Association contacted me with a bold yet simple vision:  Christian television that significantly impacts the culture.

I knew that God was calling us to shine a light—to refract the dark and damaging effects that godless TV programming has had on our nation.  Today, my staff and I remain faithful to the vision and work daily to bring you impactful, relevant shows that reflect a balanced evangelical worldview.

Every program we air is independently produced by organizations with a passion for God’s Word and a commitment to quality broadcasting. Our lineup is diverse ranging from preaching and teaching programs on Sunday to shows about cooking, financial education, fitness, public policy, music, sports, travel, science, and history the rest of the week.

NRB Network is seen on DIRECTV channel 378 and select local affiliates making our programming available to more than 40 million U.S. households. Thousands more stream our channel online, on mobile devices, and via Roku streaming players expanding our impact to viewers in countries like Canada, China and the U.K.

We appreciate your interest in NRB Network and are blessed to offer you a quality television option you can trust.  Please tell a friend about us and tune in often.  Finally…there’s something on TV worth watching!

Troy A. Miller

President & CEO
NRB Network