“I declared from the beginning that It’s All About Youth would be an award-winning television show,” effused Laurie Faulkerson, who won Honorable Mentions in The Accolade. She is the creator, producer, writer, promoter, host, and owner of the Christian-based talk show originating from the CW TV-11, KPLR, in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. It’s All About Youth, far from local, can be seen in 31 states in the U.S., throughout Canada on The Miracle Network, and in 168 countries, on both Christian and secular television. All of this accomplished with absolutely no prior professional training in broadcasting, no formal education and no relatives in the business. Faulkerson continues the radio show that she created prior to the TV program, owns her own production company, L.A.F. Productions, and within the past year, opened a 300-seat theater in Festus, Missouri, where she hopes to eventually tape her show with a live audience.