Damascus Road Productions is dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality family content with a positive message across all platforms. In 2017 Sony Pictures’ “BELIEVE” was named “Christian Film of the Year”  by The Christian Film Review and the company continues to acquire, develop, produce and distribute media that will help change the world with an uplifting worldview. Founded by Ryan O’Quinn, the company maintains offices in Los Angeles and New York and serves as advisors and consultants to studios on faith and family content, marketing and programming.  

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Damascus Road Productions

A story about Ivan Jepsen decides to return to his homeland, Uganda, after six years of being adopted by an American family. However, Ivan feels like he doesn't fully belong in America or in Uganda. He feels like he's from the land of in-between.

Cast: Ivan Jepsen, Thereasa Jepsen, Keith Jepsen, Justin Hardy, Joe Matthews, Chad Smathers

Directed by: Joe Matthews