Celebrity Home Entertainment, Inc, is a full service film releasing company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Robert Feinstein, company president and founder, has been in the video business since it's beginning. He pioneered in the 1980's renting VHS with one of the first Military base rental chains in the country. In the 90's his company expanded with rental stores in supermarket chains nationwide. In order to keep the supply chain full, provide consumers with variety, and open up new sales avenues, the company began to license exclusive content from independent filmmakers.


Our energetic team is poised to make the company a leader in independent film distribution. Expanding within the digital market, we have a multitude of platforms including: iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, Cinema Now, NetFlix, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Vudu.


We passionately champion films through all venues and license all available rights from theatrical and television to the VOD/Digital Media.   Our expertise is in both international and domestic marketplaces. Our company has reach anywhere and everywhere and we are constantly looking for new film producers and buyers to grow with.