Spiritual Warfare : Easy Prey

Kris believes that life is a battle, our enemy is Satan, his goal is to destroy us, and our victory is in Christ alone.  Her life is marked with battles. She battled anorexia, depression, and anxiety as a young woman. In her 30s she battled laryngeal cancer...twice. Each battle brought her closer to the heart of Christ, solidified her trust in Him, and deepened her desire to share the hope found only in Him.

She shares her day to day struggles and victories on her blog, aptly named "In The Battle".

I mentioned in the last post that I am not sure that Christians take Satan's attack on us seriously. The Bible refers to him as a prowling lion, looking for someone to devour. I found out 3 interesting things about how lions hunt. Last week I shared the first. Today, the second interesting thing....

If an ambush fails and they are forced to chase their prey, lions will separate the sick, the weak, or the young because they are easier to catch and kill.

Satan also separates the young Christian, the weak Christian, and the sick Christian.... from other Christians and the church in general...making them easier to catch and devour. Unlike the African Lion, Satan does not attack the physically ill, weak, or young. Rather, he attacks the spiritually immature, weak, or ill. He knows that, if he can separate them from other Christians, they are easy prey.Those who have not yet matured in their faith are vulnerable to attack when they are separated from the church body. Just as we would not leave a toddler alone to fend for himself, neither should we expect a new Christian to be able to "raise himself" to maturity.


When we are spiritually weak or sick, either from our own sin or from being hurt by others, we are vulnerable to Satan's attack, no matter how mature we are spiritually. When we allow ourselves to be separated from other Christians and from God's church, we isolate ourselves and are sitting ducks for Satan's attacks. When we isolate ourselves from our church family, we become susceptible to Satan's lies.
I have seen this ugly pattern time and time again. A wounded Christian immediately separates himself from his church family. If not from the entire church family, then from his close Christian friends, the ones who will speak God's truth to him.
They are defenseless, isolated and alone with only their hurt, when Satan moves in for the kill.
Scripture is full of wisdom about choosing godly friends, surrounding ourselves with godly people and seeking godly counsel....and with good reason.
There is strength in numbers.