Olive Wood: Beautiful Religious Art from the Holy Land

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Olive Wood: Beautiful Religious Art from the Holy Land

By Paulina Jukov

The Olive tree is an ancient tree, its leaves are symbols of peace, its oil is a holy oil used for multiple purposes in biblical times and today, and its branches have served shelter to Jesus. Growing the Holy Land for centuries, the tree’s significance hasn’t changed, but rather grew in meaning and transforms on a daily basis into beautiful Olive wood ornaments, sculptures and Christian gifts.

Olive Tree in the Bible

Growing in the Holy Land for since around 4,000 B.C. the oil produced from the Olive tree was used in ancient times for anointing kings and prophets, therapeutic purposes, healing and lighting up the lamps in the Temple of Jerusalem.

Later in the New Testament, Jesus Christ was described as the "Anointed One" the Messiah, Christians were called Nozreem or Masseheen, which in Aramaic and Arabic means anointed with olive oil.

After the last supper, Jesus went to Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, where he prayed under the Olive trees. Little did he know that the same tree from garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem will later be used for his crucifixion. Jesus Christ was arrested on The Mount of Olives that night.

In the Bible, the olive tree is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. In addition, it is said that the olive tree is a symbol of peace in reference to the Old Testament telling of the story of Noah. After the great flood, a dove returned carrying an olive branch, signifying there is a dry land to be inhabited and as  testimony that God is again at peace with his Chosen people.

Olive Wood

The olive tree grows slowly for seven years, during which it is trimmed so it grows healthy. From the left trimming artist of the Holy Land create beautiful art, pruning the Holy Family, cross, Jesus, Nativity sets and religious figurines.

The pruning is to be saved in dark and dry places. After being carved, the wood is coated with special varnish to protect it and accentuate the texture. As it ages, it becomes darker and even more beautiful. Cleaning the live wood art pieces is done only with a lightly wet cloth and no further materials are required.

Every piece is unique in grain and tone, smooth in the texture and elegant; to last a life time, admired by generations; passed on from one to the next, telling the story of Christ and the Holy Land.

If you are looking for meaningful gifts and special pieces for home, choosing Olive wood crafted pieces is an excellent choice. Each piece tells the story of Jesus, Goodwill, scenes from our bible, carrying a message of peace in its beautiful carvings and detailing.