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Mother Love: The Strong Tie that Holds the Family Together

“Mother Love: The Strong Tie that holds the Family Together”

“A mother is more precious than all the finest of jewels and worthy of our continual admiration.”-Jennifer Workman

“Wow,” where do I begin to exemplify all of the great mothers that have left an indelible impression on this earth. I will begin with the “mothers of all mothers,” Eve. Although Eve’s life was categorized by disobedience to the clear directive of God and partaking of the “forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:6, NLT),” she is the “mother of all creation” and from her proceedeth all people of every creed, nationality and ethnicity.  Although the bible doesn’t go into specific detail about her “motherly ways,” I believe that as all mothers try to be every day, she was a good mother, nurturer and took care of her children the best way that she could and what was deemed appropriate at that time! As God gave her a wonderful opportunity to be a mother, likewise, he has given to all of us that have transitioned into motherhood. Having stated such, I will try to highlight women that I believe are great examples of “mother love” and hope this article will inspire us to be great mothers, sisters, friends and people as a whole in all areas of our lives.

  1. Pastor’s Wives- Although more often than not, the attention is reflected upon the pastor and all that he does in his faithful service to the Lord and the church community as a whole, not much attention is focused on the “backbone” of the family and that is his wife. In order for the husband and pastor to be as productive in ministry and is able to accomplish all that he does, he needs the strength, support, love and commitment of his wife and the mother of his children. The wife wears many hats and so gracefully maintains the home, manages the children’s affairs, she is the wife, mother, teacher, financial advisor, business woman and great leader, she is a multi-tasker and no one does it better than she!


  1. All mothers-are the epitome of strength, are great multi-taskers, are wise, and are very loving people. It takes an open heart and an overwhelming love and concern for others to be a great mother. You can’t be selfish and a mother because a mother is a very selfless position and that is the way she has been created even from the beginning of time. I am very impressed with all mothers from mothers of established home with both mother and father, to single mothers and even fathers that have had to take on the responsibility as both mother and father to their children, all are to be recognized and held with honor, admiration and to be given much love and support from all those around them.


  1. And, last but “surely not least,” I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own mother. My mother (Mattie) is an anointed woman of God. She is strong, outspoken, wise, discerning, loving, speaks the truth in love, hardworking, holds family together, has a good heart, a great woman of faith and emotional support to her family and all she connects with on a daily basis. I love my mother dearly and have watched over the years how she has continually sacrificed so much for the family unit. She is the epitome of a great mother and I am glad that God has graced me with her as a part of my life! I pray the Lord will continue to bless her all the days of her life.


Always remember that mothers hold a special place in all of our lives. So many times mothers are overlooked, under-appreciated and not shown gratitude from other loved ones around them. God has blessed us with wonderful mothers and while we have them in our lives let us cherish them and constantly exemplify our love towards them. There are many people today that have lost their mothers and are not able to tell them how much they love them and wished they were able to do so. The Lord has blessed me this past year with the blessed opportunity to be a mother and with it, it has offered many challenges and thus can be very overwhelming at times, but regardless, I am in love with my son (Jaarr) and wouldn’t change nothing in terms of me being a mother. I love being a mother and I love raising a beautiful child that is undoubtedly a blessing from the Lord. 

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