Lessons I've Learned from Loss by Gail Cooper

It's funny the things that well up inside you after experiencing loss of any kind.
You begin to look at things through a different lens and you rarely take things for granted....
But why does it take tragedy to see the beauty in simple things?
After Aaron went home to be with the Lord my senses became acutely aware of things that were going on around me, simple things, every day things.
Happenings I never thought twice about now mean more to me than they had before.
I have learned that life is precious and full of gifts, yet somehow in the past I had overlooked all that God had given me.
The truth is..... what I once thought were simple gestures, God knew would one day be my greatest gifts.
The time I spent with my son are some of those greatest gifts received in my life that I treasure and cling to.
They never have an expiration date and only become more cherished with time..
Truth be spoken, there are times that I will never understand why things happen. 
I still cry, I still feel like a part of me is broken but even so I stand on the promises of The Father because I trust is in the faithfulness of our GREAT GOD☀️☀️☀️
A few things....I LEARNED FROM LOSS.
❤️Morning goodbye kisses are to be held onto and cherished.
❤️The depth of love is never really lived until you have dealt with loss.
❤️Waiting up for a child to come home is no longer an inconvenience, it's an honor.
❤️Going the extra mile for others is time well spent.
❤️Folding a loved ones laundry is a luxury.
❤️Childhood writings on the wall become cherished paintings.
❤️We spend way to much time searching for the next best thing that we miss what is in front of us now. Rejoice in the now.
❤️Enjoy life without worrying about tomorrow.


About Take Two Ministries: Comedian Rhonda Corey and Inspirational Speaker Gail Cooper team up to bring you all you need and more to your next women’s conference or ministry event. You provide the audience and they’ll provide the fun and funny along with an insightful and challenging message. Together they are truly a dynamic duo!  Gail Cooper  You will feel right at home the moment you meet Gail. She is the girl next door. Her love for people and life is so evident that it shows in the smile that she will no doubt flash your way. Behind the smile is a woman who is unabashed about her love for her Lord Jesus Christ. She will attest to the fact that God has carried her through some pretty deep waters but that he has been her solid rock, that firm foundation on which she stands.  She encourages women to get off the fence and to be sold out for Christ! She communicates with passion as well as humor and grace. Gail does life with her husband and three children, her honey-Kevin, daughter Jacqueline, daughter-Kendra and a son who now calls heaven his home. Gail and her family look forward to the day they will spend in eternity together again with Aaron.  Rhonda Corey  Rhonda's passion for comedy started at a young age. It is always been part of her nature to be a "straight A" class clown. The transparency of her everyday life spills out into a stand-up routine that has the audiences roaring with laughter.  She takes that seriously, stating "Christians should be more joyful than anyone! I think we need to be reminded that God created laughter." This inspired comedian also believes that comedy provides the perfect opportunity to invite friends to a church event. Rhonda is a member of the Christian Comedian Association. Rhonda credits her husband John, son Alex, dog Chewy and kitty Fiona for providing endless material.