Finding a Piece of Heaven on Earth in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

*This trip was taken four years ago, though my son and I are hoping to visit again next summer.

Last week, my family and I spent the most wonderful week we've ever had at the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine -- and now I simply refuse to stop talking about how amazing this resort is. It's seriously the best kept secret on the East Coast -- and in fact it's such a gem, that I almost hesitated to write a post about it because I don't want to take the chance of people finding out my secret and crowding the place. But I couldn't stay quiet about this little piece of paradise, because it's one of those places you think only exists in movies or novels. (It's very real, I assure you.)

I'm really, really good at finding perfect vacation spots, and I chose the Spruce Point Inn for our annual trip after doing a lot of research about the best family resorts in Maine. Up until this year, we've rented a cottage in Chatham, Cape Cod, and as gorgeous as it is there, we wanted something a bit different this time around, and we also wanted to go to a resort so we wouldn't have to cook and we wanted to have our beds made each day. (And the fresh towels were a total plus too.)

And what really drew me to SPI is that we were still able to rent a cozy cabin to have a little privacy and space of our own, but we still had the advantage of all the amenities offered by the resort.

But when we weren't enjoying our adorable cabin, we were taking advantage of all of the other wonderful activities SPI had to offer. And by far, one of our favorite amenities was having a complimentary launch available to take us into town and to other areas around the harbor. Because when you're in a town like Boothbay Harbor, the best place to be is out on the water. And the first time we set foot on SPI's boat and were greeted by Captain Shawn, we knew we'd found our new favorite vacation spot. You see, the staff at SPI are incredible, and truly go out of their way to make sure your vacation experience is nothing but the best.

When we weren't cruising around the harbor, we could be found kayaking, hiking, fishing right off the SPI dock, and yes -- even swimming in the harbor. (No, it wasn't THAT cold. Once you got in, it was actually very refreshing and rejuvenating.)

But you know what I really loved most about our time in Boothbay last week? The fact that we were actually doing things together instead of sitting on a beach and taking turns walking up and down the shore and building sand castles. I felt like my son was being introduced to new experiences and being taken on adventures that he'll never forget.

I absolutely cannot wait to go back to SPI again to discover all sorts of new nooks and crannies that we missed on our trip to Maine this time. As I found myself saying many, many times last week -- we only scratched the surface as far as how much there is to do on the mid-coast of Maine.

SPI is my new definition of heaven.

(One more quick note -- I did myself a favor and left the laptop at home this trip. It was pure bliss not being tied to it, and it's never coming on vacation with me again. EVER. But yes, SPI does have free wi-fi. I said I left the laptop at home, not that I was dead.)


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