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"Exhale, Enjoy Life, You Deserve It"

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“Exhale, Enjoy Life, You Deserve It”

“Oh, the hustle and bustle of Life.”  From work, to children, to business to ministry and the list goes on and on! We are constantly bombarded with so many “cares of life,” that it is no wonder we usually “burn out’ or have exhausted all of our physical, mental and emotional faculties. It appears that there is never enough time in the day to accomplish all that is set before us. Before we can take a deep breath, the day has already passed and many things seemed to go “undone.”

But Jesus himself knew the value of rest because he modeled it from the beginning. “And on the seventh day God (ended) His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all of His work which He had done (Genesis 2:1, NKJV).” If our heavenly Father understands the value of relaxing mind, body and spirit after a tedious day, “why is it so hard for us?” We, in the busyness of life, miss out on many opportunities to enjoy life, exhale and otherwise because we don’t take time to do so.

I am guilty of this myself. I am very busy with my profession, family, ministry and otherwise. I usually don’t take the time that I should to relax, even when it is available and then in the process is very stressed because of it and I don’t blame anyone but myself! I and all of us need to understand the significance of exhaling and enjoying life because we all deserve it. We don’t have to exhaust all of our energies on things in the long run that’s not going to matter.

What seems more plausible and appropriate to focus on at the moment, is the times that we spend with family and the opportunities we have to make a difference in other people’s lives for the better. Because, when it is all “said and done,” and life has ceased its course, what is going really make a difference is not how much wealth we have created, our accolades, houses, cars or monies accumulated, but what we have “done under the sun” and I hope in the overall scheme of things that was to love others, and exhale and enjoy life to the fullest!