But What About Our Kids?

But What About Our Kids?

June 1, 2017


Many mature Christians understand from the Word of God and the events happening in the world around us that this is the “End of the Age.”  We rejoice in the understanding that signs and wonders abound.  Soon we will be called away to meet the Lord in the air, and escape the wrath to come.

Nevertheless, there is a restlessness in our spirits, a gnawing in our minds, as we ponder this question:

“When all hell (literally) breaks loose, what is going to happen to our unsaved children and grandchildren?”  Will they come into the Kingdom, or are they destined to go through the Great Tribulation? In his series “Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures” Mike Bickle says this: “The kingdom of darkness says, ‘We’ll fascinate the human heart w/ sex, and occult power, and all kinds of other dimensions.  They’ll be fascinated with murder, with occultism, with immorality.  The perversion is exploding.’  The devil is going after the fascination of the human spirit.”

Let’s consider some of these “fascinations,” depicted in internet stories of some of Satan’s “fascinating” events:

“No, John Podesta Didn’t Drink Bodily Fluids at a Secret Satanist Dinner,” Washington Post, November 4, 2016. (He was invited to the dinner, but did not attend).

“Top Private School in London Allows Boys to Wear Skirts,” (In photo one boy was wearing a three tiered ruffled skirt), The Blaze, 5/15/17.

Der Spiegel (German Newspaper), “Vile Revelations of Sadistic Naked Sex Rituals at Elite German Military Base,” 1/30/17.

New York Post, “Inside LA’s Most Exclusive Sex Party” by Heather Hauswirth, 2/1/17, (The price for a man to attend is $1,850).

(This one surprised me, I only learned this as I did my research. I only saw this headline, and declined to read the entire article.) Full-Frontal Male Nudity Was All Over TV in 2015-www.vulture.com/2015/12/

Communist-ruled Cuba hosts first transgender Mass, May 7, 2017, Reuters .
Clearly, demonic wiles and plans are increasing as the time grows short (Revelation 12:12).  What are parents to do, in order to combat the strategy of the enemy?  In other words, how can we be confident our children and grandchildren will be saved? 

1. Watch your words – never say your children are worthless, on a fast track to hell, no good or any other negative proclamation.  Words are containers of power.

2. Of course you can’t lie, and if your child is living a life of sin, affirm your love but not your approval.  What you speak about your unsaved child to the Lord is also of utmost importance.  The following are some of my daily proclamations about my unsaved loved ones. Tell the Lord you are reminding Him of His promises, standing on them and BELIEVING them:

Isaiah 44:3New International Version (NIV)
For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
    and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring,
    and my blessing on your descendants.

Isaiah 45:5New International Version (NIV)
I am the Lord, and there is no other;
    apart from me there is no God.
I will strengthen you,
    though you have not acknowledged me,

Isaiah 49:25New International Version (NIV)
25 But this is what the Lord says:
“Yes, captives will be taken from warriors,
    and plunder retrieved from the fierce;
I will contend with those who contend with you,
    and your children I will save.

Isaiah 54:13New International Version (NIV)
13 All your children will be taught by the Lord,
    and great will be their peace.

Jeremiah 32:38-39New International Version (NIV)
38 They will be my people, and I will be their God. 39 I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me and that all will then go well for them and for their children after them.
3. Bind the enemy off of your loved ones on a daily basis.  Billye Brim gives us a good pattern to follow in her booklet “The Authority of the Believer and How To Use It,” p. 37:

“In the Name of Jesus I will now rule and reign over the powers of darkness, because the Lord told me to, in Romans 5:17.  For I have received abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness, therefore I now reign as a king in my life by One, Jesus Christ.  Kingdom of darkness, listen to me.  I hold the Blood of Jesus over all things pertaining to me and I forbid your having anything to do with…”

From here Billye says, she follows her spirit.  She starts with family.  Usually she names them.  Then she pleads the Blood over herself – and her family – spirit, soul, and body. (You may also cast those demonic principalities, powers and rulers to the dry land and bind them in Jesus Name.)

SAINTS OF GOD, THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT BY “SPIRITUAL WARFARE.”  We must exercise our God given spiritual authority over demonic beings!

Right now you may be thinking, “But you don’t know how deeply my child is steeped in sin.”  Drugs, alcohol and sexual sin are terrible problems, and I understand your heartbreak and concern.  Even watching children-who were raised in the Lord – walk away from the Church is devastating.  But all these circumstances are FACTS.  We can’t fight them by arguing or cajoling.  Fight them with the TRUTH.

What is truth?  The Word of God is truth.  In other words, the scriptures we just quoted above, and many other Scriptures you can find for yourself in the Word, and stand on.  The Lord told prophetess Sister Jeanne Wilkerson the following: “Those you hold before Me on a regular basis, I will see that they make it, even if I have to wrestle them in the night time.”

I close with suggestions on praying for unsaved loved ones which Brother Kenneth E. Hagin wrote, while contending for the soul of his elder brother. His brother was saved shortly thereafter. I pray these for my unsaved family, some have come into the kingdom. Others have softened their stance and are open to discussion. I believe they will also come in, as I persevere in these prayers in union with the Holy Spirit of God.

Pray specifically:

  • That God would lift the veil off them (give them revelation)
  • For the Holy Spirit to hover over them and protect them
  • For godly people to be in their pathway each day
  • That God would cast down anything in them that was exalting itself against the knowledge of God, specifically pride and rebellion
  • To take down all known strongholds-thought patterns and opinions on religion, materialism and fear
  • To bind Satan from taking them captive and to bind all wicked thoughts and lies Satan would try to place in their mind
  • That the armor of God would be on them

We must fight the good fight of faith for our loved ones, their eternity depends on it!

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