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Bring Back Summertime - Music Review

Bring Back Summertime - Music Review
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Bring Back Summertime is the perfect title for a song and movie. Why? Because when most people think of summertime, we think of a time of fun, laughter, warm days, and warm nights longing for the cool rain. A time of hanging out with family and friends.


The “Bring Back Summertime” theme song orchestration is a sound that explores the heart and emotions of the listener. The music starts out with a heightened sense of expectation with the French horn and strings. Then, momentarily, nearly pausing as it slowly brings you to a solemn and peaceful sound of falling rain, the cello, the piano, and flute sound off. Musically, if translated visually, one would see quiet, tranquil and mellow scenery.



The more I listen to Bring Back Summertime, the more it sets an atmosphere that places me in a state of reminiscing of pleasant times in my life. The way the instruments blend together, and the rate and timing in which it is played really captures the imagination and keeps you eagerly anticipating what’s next.


There is a point in the song, just about half way through, which takes on another emotion and gives you a sense of loss and emptiness through its instrumentation. However, this is only momentary as the music flows back to a place of triumph. It’s amazing how this song accomplishes and captures a variety of emotions in such a short period of time.


Reviewed by David E. Maxwell 
Devine Jamz Content Contributor 
CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production 
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