A Tender Moment With My Son

*My son is now 10 years old. This post was originally published five years ago. It still makes me laugh today.

Lately, I find myself looking at my little dude in awe of just how fast he is growing up. It seems like only yesterday he was a cuddly little baby asleep in my arms, and now, he's totally becoming his own person, and I know one of these days he won't need me anymore.

In preparation for the future days when he is just completely humiliated by my presence, I try and savor each and every single ounce of those times with my son now when he just wants his mama.

Let's take bedtime, for instance. Tonight, he had a tough time going to bed and asked me to lay down with him for a little while. I settled in next to him, and he proceeded to wrap his little arm around mine and start kissing it. And then he sweetly whispered to me, "Let's shut our eyes, Mommy!"

I closed my eyes as he requested, and couldn't stop smiling, knowing just how special and tender that moment was with him. After a minute or so, things got quiet, and I slowly opened my eyes to catch a glimpse of my sleeping baby, because we all know that there is just nothing more adorable than a sleeping child.

But instead of finding my little dude well on his way to dreamland, I found him staring right back at me all bug eyed with one finger jammed halfway up his nose digging for a fresh booger.

Lesson Learned: Never underestimate the cleverness of a five-year old who loves to dig for gold.


About: Mary Hawkins
Mary J. Hawkins is an accomplished editor, writer, and social media enthusiast who has been working in the digital media space since 2009. In a former life, she was the author and owner of The Mommyologist, a humor blog centered around the changes that happen after kids arrive on the scene. She is currently the full-time Senior Editor of Audience Development for CafeMom, and has been a part of their team for the past 5 years.  Mary also recently launched a lifestyle and travel blog called “Catching the Next Wave,” which centers around the new phase of life she’s navigating as a recently divorced single mom of one charismatic 10-year-old and a pint-sized Shih-Tzu.  When she manages to find time to detach herself from her laptop, Mary leads an active lifestyle. She has a strong passion for travel and welcomes every opportunity to explore new places and experience new adventures. She is also a huge fan of Pilates and Yoga – though she doesn’t get to class quite as often as she’d like.  Mary lives in a small town in the middle of Connecticut, though she’d rather live in the city, on the coast, or a combination of both.