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The Scoreboard

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On Sundays after church, I like to settle back in bed and watch football.

 I never suspected that the afternoon of January 12, 2003, would turn out to be a very special one. My television set sat on a TV stand directly in front of me at the foot of my bed. I didn't feel or sense that there would be anything different about this day. Nothing very exciting or out of the ordinary had happened at the church I was attending at the time. In fact, it was a time of searching for me spiritually. I desired more than I knew of God and the spiritual realm. Life had gotten pretty spiritually dry for me.

As I sat in bed talking to my girlfriend on the telephone while watching the Oakland Raiders play the New York Jets, a spiritual scoreboard with the same shape and colors of the one in the top right-hand corner of the television screen came down slowly through the ceiling of my bedroom. It settled in arms reach right over my double bed. My legs were under it. I could see the television and everything else right through it. The scoreboard was rectangle in shape. The colors as I remember them were red and blue with some white mingled through it. This scoreboard was about three feet in height and was the same width as my bed. As I stared at it with my mouth open, I eventually remembered that I was holding the receiver to my ear. I said, 'Guess what just came down through the ceiling over my bed?' Well, of course, she said, 'What', so I told her. There was instant silence, and then she said, 'really?' I don't think to this day that she believed me. We hung up.

I decided to touch it. Who knows if something like this would ever happen again? I reached out, put my hand into it and pulled it back out. I didn't feel anything. The shape didn't change when I put my hand into it, but it pulled away with my hand and then back into shape as I removed my hand. The colors were bright and beautiful! Then I noticed that the Raiders were listed on the bottom of the spiritual scoreboard, but no opponent's name was listed at the top of it. On the television, the Raiders were on the top and the Jets were on the bottom. On the spiritual scoreboard, the score was 17 on the top and Raiders 31 on the bottom. On the television, the game was almost over and the scores were nowhere near these scores I finally realized that I was looking at the score of next week's game. That meant that the Raiders would certainly win the game I was watching then go on to win the AFC Championship the following Sunday!! Needless to say, I was thoroughly amazed!

God was allowing me to see the final score of a game that was yet to be played with a team that had not won the game they were playing right in front of me on the television. He had given me an open vision of a football scoreboard one week in advance with the final score. Tell me that was not exciting! The Oakland Raiders would win the AFC Championship on January 19, 2003! It didn't matter who they played because the name was not there. The scoreboard remained for about 10 minutes and then went back up through the ceiling as it had come down. I didn't hear the Holy Spirit say anything to me while it was there. All I could do was stare at it and the game on the television at the same time. Amazed and thankful, I really didn't know what else to do.

The spiritual scoreboard is very significant in our lives today. It has been several years since the open vision. I know that what God speaks is already done in heaven. God allowed me to see a game that had already been played in the spiritual realm. The following is what He told me sometime later.

I know all things - all things. I know the outcomes before they happen. That's why I can tell you of things to come. My plans, no one can stop or contend with. They cannot be hindered or stopped. I flow and they flow. This is a new day. Satan has been defeated. Don't compare what I am doing now to the children of Israel and their hard-heartedness. I repeat, this is a new day and the day is mine. I've spoken your outcome. Now walk in it daily and don't be hindered in any part of your being by the thoughts, words, and actions of others.

The game was scheduled by Me. There is a time for everything. The universe is well ordered. I set the date, time, minute, hour, second. There is not an opponent in victory. Victory is at the end of start. You have it when you begin. There is no opponent in victory - only Me - only you and my flow of power.

Recently, I discovered that both Sundays were arranged and orchestrated by God, just for me! If anyone else experienced watching the same game that I watched that Sunday afternoon, I am not aware of it. If you look up the scores for the football game played on Sunday, January 19, 2003, you will find that the final score in the record books reads Oakland Raiders 41 and the Tennessee Titans 24! There was no field goal kicked at the end of the game. I know what I saw and experienced that day. It was from God and I must have been in another spiritual realm. I am so grateful to God for how he used a football game to change the level of faith and victory in my life!

There are many things to be learned from the spiritual scoreboard. Use it to teach and see the future. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in and through it.

John 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.