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Hila J. Esters is a prolific teacher, author, recording artist and minister of the Gospel. She is the host of the In the Moment Christian Radio podcast.  Hila ministers the Word of God in power! Her passion is to teach believers how to live in the NOW of eternal life from the glory of the... Read More

Because Adam's sin caused his separation from the eternal life of God, all mankind has therefore been born into sin. Blinded to the Light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we lived in spiritual darkness thinking that it was normal because darkness was all we knew. Comfortable in our darkness, we lived by habit and learned experiences. Our vision for the future was from the past. The outcome of our lives was determined solely by the decisions we made or those decisions which were made for us because of situations and circumstances.

Many saved people are living in the Light of the gospel wearing spiritual sunglasses. They have not allowed their spiritual eyes to adjust to the Light. Their desire is not toward conforming to the truth of the gospel, so they refuse to go through the effort and stance required to live eternal life in the Light of His Word. Instead of separating themselves to God their Father through Jesus Christ, they are still on spiritual and natural crutches, canes and pushcarts depending on themselves and their old enabling friends whose desire is to keep them in the ways of darkness. Looking through the adjusted tint of their sunglasses, all is right with the world.

Others look and act like those who have separated themselves to the Light of God's Word in their daily lives, but darkness or filtered darkness is still on the inside. They refuse to be led and taught by the Spirit of God in order to grow in the things of God. Changing to God's thoughts and ways is difficult for them because it goes against all they have known to be real.

When they first received Jesus Christ into their hearts, they were joyful. Immediately, Satan began to use his evil deceptive tactics to lure them back into spiritual darkness and blind them again. At some point, they decided that it was easier to fake growth in Christ rather than go through the necessary effort to stand on the truth of the gospel allowing the power of its life to change them. After all, who could tell the difference? Around their Christian friends, they wear sunglasses especially tinted to keep the Light out. Around their unsaved friends, they remove the sunglasses because to them, the darkness is light.

Spiritual Light dispels spiritual darkness. All those who have not received Jesus Christ in their hearts are living in darkness with no hope of eternal salvation without Him. Those of us who have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior have eternal life right now. Without sunglasses, we are to be led and taught by the Holy Spirit. As we yield to the Spirit of God, we learn to live in the Light of the knowledge of God's Word.